RCMP Training Academy

Chris and I spent the morning visiting the new RCMP Heritage Centre. This is a fabulous building opened in 2007 and does a great job showing the history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. We then wandered around the academy. My late wife and I taught here from 1993-1998 but many things have changed since then. We popped by to say hello to the Commanding Officer who we both worked with as fellow instructors over 10 years ago, and there were many other familiar faces still here. Chris enjoyed watching noon day parade and wondered if a certain daughter of her’s might be doing this in the near future.

This afternoon, we had coffee with Tony Brezinski, who was in Regina Maple Leaf Lions with me while we were stationed here. Tony hasn’t changed a bit and is still working many volunteer hours with CNIB, RCMP Veterans and Maple Leaf Lions. It was great to catch up with all that has gone on here since we left for Ottawa back in 1998. This evening, we are popping by to see some neighbours from the old neighbourhood and then tomorrow morning we’ll be on the road to Alberta.

I managed to get an appointment for some warranty work on our Phaeton at Bucars RV just north of Calgary on June 23rd. We seem to have gotten a handle on the poopy smell wafting back into the coach from time to time but we’ll get that and a few other problems sorted out before we head north. We’ll spend a few days visiting in Leduc before going to Bucars. After that it will be back to Edmonton area for a few days to meet up with Jim and Jane and stock up for our trip to Alaska. Thinking I may book into a Spartan dealer for service in Edmonton before heading north as well.