Solar Panels

Our warranty repairs at Bucars RV were handled extremely well yesterday. Paul Sinclair in Bucars’ Service Department was a pleasure to deal with. Our rig was in the shop by 10 am and we were on the road to Leduc by the promised time of mid afternoon. We have a residential refrigerator in our phaeton, which we really love by the way. Of course, it does not run on propane like other fridges, so we are always using battery and inverter. We’d discussed adding solar panels which are becoming more and more popular. Paul ran us through their in store display and we decided to have two 80W panels installed on the roof. The two panels were installed while they worked on our warranty items. Panels are made by a company called Go Power and we thought the cost was surpising reasonable.

The one disappointment on our warranty repairs related to the potty smell we have been encountering on occasion inside our phaeton. Bucars checked out our tanks. No leaks or anything like that but it appears Tiffin may never have installed a vent on our black tank at the factory. If they did, Bucars can’t find it. Bucars RV would have needed at least 2-3 days to completely remove the tanks and we simply don’t have that kind of time to spend here. I’ve been dealing with Bob Tiffin personally on this matter since the very beginning via telephone and email. The problem seems to have abated in recent days since we did a few super flushes of the black and grey tanks, so we’ll just have to make do until we visit the factory in Red Bay in January 2010.

We are now back at Lions Campground in Leduc until Saturday morning. Picked up a stone chip on the windshield a few days ago and will repair that with a kit from Canadian Tire today. Think we’ll pick up a spare repair kit for the trip to Alaska just in case as well.

One last thing, there is a new Flying J in Red Deer at exit 401 on Hwy 2. There is no signage as you exit the highway to tell you to turn left or right. It is a “right turn”. Look for a Shell/Flying J combination station about half a kilometer off Hwy 2 of the right side. The station has only been in operation for 5 months. Cheapest diesel we have seen yet at $0.737/litre cash price.