Thunder Bay, Ontario

We both slept well last night with only a few trucks to keep up company at the Esso station. It cooled off quite a bit but we were toasty warm. I flipped on the propane furnace and hot water for about 10 minutes this morning so we could get showered up before breakfast. We had thought about pulling into the Tim Horton’s in Wawa for coffee on the way out of town but Wawa is just off Hwy 17 and I didn’t want to get into town and then have trouble getting back out again. We are pretty long. Instead, we continued on to the Husky in White River where we grabbed fuel and coffee. We have been patronizing Husky stations for the most part thus far because they give me 1.5% of my purchase towards my CAA membership renewal. Husky is right across Canada, so we should be able to make a dent in my CAA bill this fall hopefully.
We pushed on towards Thunder Bay and encountered some pretty hilly terrain along the way. We left Wawa just after 7 am and pulled into the KOA in Thunder Bay at 1 pm. Plenty of driving for us these past few days, so we decided to shut it down early and enjoy a nice sunny afternoon relaxing in the park. Some of the truckers seemed to enjoy chasing us down some of the steep and windy roads but we managed to pull away from most of them on the uphills. Often though, I would go up hills in the slow lane and let the trucks pass me so I wouldn’t hold them back on the down hills. They seemed to appreciate it, waving as they passed us. Generally, we set the cruise on 90 kph and just watched the countryside roll by. We have seen 4 moose so far but Chris hasn’t managed to grab any pictures yet. When she has the camera ready, no moose….when she is looking at a map…there’s a moose!
KOA here is a great park. We got a 50 amp super site for $39 which included full hookups with 50 amp service. Figured we might as well take the 50 amp and use it to recharge our batteries more quickly. I washed the Vue and PP once we got into our site. Chris actually drove the motorhome for the first time, inside the park today. She backed it out of one lane and then forward into our lane and then turned into our site, perfectly. You should have seen the smile on her face. We both enjoyed a well earned beer and then a walk around the park once all our chores were completed. Pizza for supper while we finished the laundry and then a quiet night relaxing at home.

Still having the potty smell wafting into the motorhome from time to time and it doesn’t seem to matter whether the roof vents are open or not, nor if we are mobile or stationary. Sticking with PineSol at the moment until we get to Alberta and then are hoping we can get PP into a Tiffin service centre in Calgary.

On to Kenora tomorrow. Three days driving and we are still in frikkin’ Ontario!!