Denali National Park – Day 2

We had a wonderful day in the park on Saturday. Not all of Denali National Park is accessible by private motor vehicle, so we took an 8 hour bus ride into the park as far as the Eielson Visitor Centre. Most of the roads were dirt or gravel which brought back memories of our trip into Chicken from Dawson City, dusty and bumpy, but it was a beautiful day so we didn’t mind. The school buses weren’t the most comfortable to sit in for such a long period of time but the stunning scenery along the way more than made up for any discomfort. We even packed a lunch and enough water for the whole day as there are no stores in the park. Our driver, Alfred Hill, was very knowledgeable about park history. Denali was originally established as a national park back in 1917, long before Alaska even became a state. The main focus was to keep the park in its original natural condition, something they continue to do very well even today.

Jane wearing caribou antlers

I’m still working on a few photos I took in the park, but here is a sample of the breathtaking vistas we were all lucky enough to see. Views from Eielson Centre