Denali National Park

We left Fairbanks early this morning and enjoyed a fabulous drive west and south out of Fairbanks on George Parks Highway to Denali National Park area. It was a great highway until we got near Healy where there were a quite a few bumps on the recently repaired asphalt. But, after the roads we drove on between Whitehorse and Tok, Parks Highway felt like an Interstate.

Fireweeds on George Parks Highway
We stopped a few times on the way to Denali to take in the sights. The Tatlanika Trading Company at Mile 276 was an interesting stop and has a wonderful gift shop. There is also an RV park there and plenty of room for RVs to pull in off the road and turn around. We arrived at Denali RV Park and Motel right around noon. We had called them yesterday from Fairbanks to make a reservation for 3 days but as soon as we arrived Jane sweet talked the manager into letting us both stay in two full service sites for a week. We paid for 6 days and got the 7th day free. Free wifi and cable TV were also included. Not bad for $30/night. and they are situated only 8 miles north of the main access road into the park. The Adventure Caravan group we have been following since before Whitehorse is at this park but leaving in the morning.

Antiques at Tatlanika Trading Company at Mile 276 of George Parks Hwy

We set up quickly and had a bit of lunch before getting ourselves organized for a hike into the hills in back of the RV Park. We wandered around for about two hours and enjoyed some fabulous views. The smoke from recent fires in the Denali area appears to have disappeared today, likely due to the stiff breeze blowing out of the south. We negotiated a nice trail and a few shale slides on our way into the hills. We saw evidence of moose and bear in the grass areas before we crested the hills. Lots of blueberries to be seen so not hard to figure why the bears are about. I took the pictures below while on our hike and am still working on a few more.
Tomorrow, we have plans to visit Denali National Park for most of the day. Planning on a hike, bus tour, packed lunch and maybe a few photographs of Mount McKinley if the clear weather in the forecast works out.