Liard River Hot Springs

On Monday, we awoke to rain. In fact, it had been raining most of the night and it continued to rain all day long as we drove from Fort Nelson to Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park. It was the first miserable day we have had since we left Ottawa really. We gassed up at the Fort Nelson Husky before heading off shortly after 8 am. We paid $1.059/litre for diesel. As expected, the prices appear to be going higher the farther north and west we go. The scenery from Fort Nelson to Liard Hot Springs was positively stunning, even with all the rain. The mountains were shrouded in low clouds most of the time but we managed to stop and take a few photographs along the way. We stopped for coffee and cinnamon buns at Tetsa River Services & Campground at mile marker DC 357.5. This is a bit of an oasis in the middle of nowhere really. There must have been 15 or more RVs stopped in for coffee while we were there. All either on their way to Alaska or on the way south. The buns and coffee certainly hit the spot. We crossed the Tetsa River at least three times and were held up by road construction 2-3 times as well, but not for more than 20 minutes.We had taken a bit of a chance at trying the Provincial Park without a reservation but as we rolled up to the sign we could clearly see “Vacancy” at the bottom of the sign, so we knew we were in. We will stay here two nights at $19 per night and head on to Whitehorse on July 1st. For anyone following us, there is no dump station or hookups here. Water is available from a hand pump, but must be boiled prior to use, so we just used what we had in our tanks. Cell phone service and antenna or satellite TV is also unavailable. We found two adjacent sites and after setting up it was off to the hot springs for a little relaxing soak. The pools are an easy 10 minute stroll along a boardwalk. There are change rooms and dry toilets at the pools. We tried various ends of the pool for about an hour. The areas closest to the actual mineral springs were of course the hottest but were more than bareable if we just swished our hands about in the water to mix in cooler water. We also strolled up the boardwalk in bare feet and nothing but our bathing suits to another bigger and deeper pool. The water is all one temperature there. This pool is more like a 9 foot deep small pond with wooden steps leading down into the water. I could almost swim in that pool.
We stayed Monday and Tuesday nights and used the pools 3 times while there. I think it rained for almost our whole stay but it wasn’t cold at all. I found all kinds of gravel over the hood and even the roof of our Saturn Vue. No damage though and nothing that a bucket of water and then a quick drive down the highway couldn’t get rid of.