On to Soldotna, Alaska

Chris made salmon cakes using Isabels’s recipe for supper last night and they were amazing! Pineapple Dream and coffee for dessert too! Wow!! Here is a picture of Chris using her ulu knife to chop onions. She really likes it and prefers it over her old chopper. The ulu was definitely worth the money.

We hung around the campground most of the day yesterday. I dumped the black and grey tanks one last time before we leave for Soldotna. I think we may have a bad external sensor on the black tank as it seems to read one third full more often than not after dumping. I’ve back flushed the tanks many times too but still the faulty reading. Hoping it will correct itself tomorrow during the drive to Soldotna. It has before.

No canasta last night I’m afraid, even though the girls wanted another lesson. Instead, we played games on the Wii. Tennis and baseball before switiching over to billiards, shooting, cattle racing and a few more on the Wii Play disk. Jane and I enjoyed the tank game. We teamed up trying to shoot an enemy tank and she always seemed to wind up with more points, so I figured the easiest way to win was to blast her into oblivion myself. So much for comradery, heh, heh, heh.

Still no change with iCoach. Techmcw.com is working on a beta software upgrade but I really don’t think that is the problem. We just aren’t getting a connection up here, which is very odd because my Verizon modem can connect on GlobalAccess very easily. and iCoach is supposed to work on Telus and Verizon networks. Something is definitely not right. Don’t think we will be keeping iCoach. It is just not reliable enough for fulltiming.

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  1. Anonymous July 31, 2009 at 5:33 pm #

    Hi That ulu looked quite interesting so since I'd never heard of it looked it up. There's quite a variety of them. Glad the salmon cakes turned out well, i haven't tried them yet. Safe travelling. John and Karen