Top of the World Highway

We had a great trip over to Chicken, Alaska from Dawson City. It was touch and go on the DC ferry for a bit but we made it. I disconnected the toad and removed the hitch to get more ground clearance. It took 3 crossings to get everyone across.
Crossing Yukon river on ferry at Dawson City

We are staying at Chicken Gold Camp for a few days. A little rustic to be sure. Wifi won’t work on either of our laptops so we are making do with our cell keyboards. Hopefully, I will determine the reason why it is not working.

Alaska/Yukon border – border guard residence

Chris jumped out for our official arrival to Alaska photo

Top of the World Highway Dust on Vue

After the 5 stone chips on our Vue’s windshield on the way to Dawson City from Whitehorse, we decided to slow down considerably on the way to Chicken. Plus, we added a vinyl tarp that we bought at the Canadian Tire in Whitehorse, across the Vue’s windshield. That did the trick and we arrived in Chicken with no more damage, just silty dust everywhere. Personally, I thought the TOW highway was in better shape that some of the gravel stretches we encountered between Whitehorse and Dawson City. We didn’t average more than 20 mph all the way to Chicken. On one narrow up hill portion of gravel road about 20 miles from Chicken, we encountered an overwidth semi trailer comikng down the hill while we were going up. I actually had to stop, get out and pull my driver’s mirror in to allow enough clearance for him to pass us with only inches between our two vehicles. The passenger side of the semi trailer was hanging over the bank, as was our passenger side, and our side had about a 300 foot drop to boot! We were so excited, that we forgot to get a picture of the entire event.

We tried gold panning at the camp yesterday. Lots of fun and a few flakes of gold to show for our efforts. More laundry once we get to Tok as well. We played canasta again last night after supper. For the record….the score is now Boys 3 – Girls 0….but they are getting better. Heh heh.