Wasilla Farmers Market

Our campground hosts told us about the farmers market in Wasilla, so we decided to check it out. Wednesdays from 11 am to 6 pm behind the library on Main Street. We arrived a little too early so we drove up to Knik Barber Shop on the main highway so I could get a haircut. By coincidence, there just happened to be a bead shop a few doors down in the same strip mall, so guess where the girls just had to go for a visit. Then back to the market. Lots of fresh produce , baked goods and crafts, and the prices were pretty good too. We even got a free cup of coffee while ducking a few rain drops. After the market, we headed over to the Sportsman’s Warehouse, also on East Parks Highway. Chris picked up a pair of shorts and a top. I managed to find a pair of Merrell sandals on sale for 50% off and also a pair of walking shoes for 60% off. Jane was very proud at how I handled myself in the shoe department. I have to work on my time though. I was in and out of the shoe dept in less than 10 minutes, which apparently is far too quick. Must learn to pace myself…..
We did see another moose yesterday…..outside the Sportsman’s Warehouse. Very tame to stand still for a photograph.

Another wonderful supper at Jim and Jane’s. Then another rousing game of canasta that didn’t end until almost 11 pm. Boys set a new point total record but unfortunately did not manage to break 20,000 points. Close, but no cigar……..

One more day in Wasilla and then we are off to Soldotna on the Kenai for a week at an RPI park.