Wii Fit

Today started off nicely but we were having showers again by mid afternoon. We both did our wii workouts this morning. A little yoga, followed by some aerobic exercises and finally some balance drills. Chris took this photo of yours truly doing a distance run on the wii. It isn’t too bad, once you get used to it, but I am looking forward to getting back outside. My knee has been feeling pretty good lately.
Thunderbird Falls

We took a run over to Chugach State Park to see Thunderbird Falls this afternoon. It was a mile hike into the park from the parking lot to see the falls from a wooden viewing platform. Actually, I thought the view was somewhat disappointing because we couldn’t get right up to the falls. I took some photos using a tripod but sadly, none of them turned out well enough to post here. Just too much movement in the platform, even with the tripod. That doesn’t happen to me very often. Thankfully, Chris took some wonderful shots as you can see above. Way to go!

We are having a relaxing afternoon in the motorhome. Chris’s turn to make supper tonight. Schnitzel, gegrillte mit Sauce, spaetzle (noodles) und Salat. Wunderbar!

Update on the schnitzel ‘et al’….. it was superb! Spaetzle were made using the hand press we got from my mother in England. And as usual, leftovers were yummy as well. You can see the press here.