Ancient Forest

We’ve enjoyed our three day rest in Prince George. A little shopping to restock the refrigerator at SuperStore the other day and then some time spent cleaning up the motorhome, laundry, etc. We also had a stone chip repaired. The mobile service came right to our site and fixed a small one for less than $60.
Mark & Sue Didelot pulled in a here a day after we did with another couple, both driving Phaetons. Both are TRVN members we had heard about through Jag and Bev earlier on our Alaska tour. They are just winding up their tour as well and on their way to Banff/Jasper tomorrow. Mark and I have been comparing our Phaetons and trying to answer each other’s questions, although he is much more knowledgeable than I.
Today, the four of us went for a drive about 60 miles east of Prince George on Hwy 16 to see an ancient forest advertised on the cover of the Prince George tourism brochure. It was discovered in 1985 and all we can say is WOW! The size of the douglas fir and red cedar trees here are incredible. Definitely worth the visit. You have to watch for a small sign on the highway saying “Ancient Forest”. There is off road parking for cars and pickups but not for motorhomes. Dry toilets next to the parking lot. The walk is an easy hike with some steep sections. Much of the trail is covered with cedar mulch with many boardwalks and the occasional stairs along the route. Very, very scenic.
Tomorrow, we are off to Williams Lake for a few days before moving on to the Thousand Trails Preserve at Cultus Lake. I have also arranged a service appointment for the motorhome in Langley for Sep 1st.
Canasta update…………………boys won yet another one the other day…………………..