Homer, Alaska

Salty Dawg Saloon on Homer Spit

We headed off to Homer at 8:30 this morning. We hadn’t got 5 minutes out of Soldotna on Sterling Highway when we spotted a young bull moose on the side of the road munching on fireweeds. I couldn’t stop because of traffic but it was an interesting sight to behold. Homer is very scenic and located at the southern tip of the Kenai peninsula. The Homer Spit juts out into the bay and has lots of parking for vehicles. Stores line both sides of the spit and there are several RV parks as well. The east side of the spit also supports a deep water port for ocean going ships and ferries. We spent the entire day in Homer, walking around, strolling on the beach, taking lots of pictures. We saw a few eagles but none close enough for a good photograph, unfortunately. The views of the glaciers from the end of the spit were amazing. We enjoyed a lovely fish and chip lunch on the spit with fresh halibut. After lunch we took the car and followed East Hill Rd up onto the bluff into a scenic lookout that gave an excellent view of the airport, spit and glaciers.