Prince George to Williams Lake

We left PG around 10:30 am after noticing a strange noise coming from the dash fan of our Vue. At first, I thought it was something caught in the radiator fan but I turned the fan on and off and the noise disappeared so…….nothing too serious. We stopped in Quesnel at an RV parking area in the centre of town, just off the main Hwy and then walked back to Tim Horton’s for coffee. It was a lovely day and heating up nicely. We were in no rush to get to Williams Lake as it was only a little over 200 kms away.

Williams Lake is a nice little spot. We stopped at Husky for fuel. I was thinking this may be our last fill up in Canada before we head south for the winter in October. Chilliwack via Fraser Canyon isn’t that far away really and we won’t be driving the motorhome much once there. Then down Hwy 97 into the Tourism Discovery Centre located on the east side of Hwy 97 at the southend of town. This is an incredible building built 2 years with plenty of RV parking. We took two stalls and received permission to stay two nights for free while visiting my nephew Matt, Rachel and family. Free wifi as well.

We did a little exploring in the afternoon and also washed the cars. The power sprayer took off just about all the muck we have been carrying since Alaska. No more fan noise from the Saturn either. Off to Boston Pizza for supper. Matt popped by in the evening while Jim and I were giving the girls yet another canasta lesson. Looking forward to exploring WL area tomorrow a bit and seeing the family.