Soldotna, Alaska

Jim apparently missed the meeting we had regarding our proposed departure time from Wasilla yesterday. The rest of us all thought 10 am was a civilized time, but Jim was ready to go at 9:15 am and knocking on our door. Between bites of cereal and swigs of coffee, we managed to get moving pretty quickly and hit the road at 10 am. Guess we were right after all. Jim and Jane used there Truck Stop guide to find us a Holiday gas station near the new Lowe’s and Best Buy mall on the outskirts of Anchorage. We filled up for $3.289/gallon which is the lowest we have seen in a few weeks. Then it was on into Anchorage and south on Seward Highway. The scenery heading was south was positively stunning. For the first 50 miles or so, there were pull outs and rest areas all along the way. We took advantage of a few of them for some photographs and also to let traffic behind us pass by. The highway was in great shape except for one little stretch of gravel which caused us no problems at all.

Fireweeds and Portage Glacier

We turned off Seward Highway and headed west for Soldotna. This highway seemed a little narrower as it ran along the Kenai River but was still a good road. We saw lots of fishers in the river at several pull outs but didn’t manage any pictures. Most pullouts on the Kenai seem to be posted “No Overnight Parking”.

Our original plan was to over night at Fred Meyers in Soldotna. We pulled into FM around 3 pm and found lots of RVs all over the place. We managed to find a spot to pull in and were prepared to spend the night if need be. Jane telephoned Edgewater RV Park, where we had a reservation for a week beginning August 1st, and asked if we could come in a day earlier. To our surprise, they said yes, and here we are, right on the banks of the Kenai river.

Supper last night at the Rankins was lovely, followed by another evening canasta match of Boys vs Girls. Do I need to say who won………..? Let’s just say it wasn’t the girls……again. Apparently, the cards are the reason for the girls not winning and must be replaced. Maybe FM will have something to their liking.

Looking forward to a little exploring tomorrow.