Tok, AK to Haines Junction, YT

After a quiet night in Tok, we were off to Haines by 10:15 am today. The first part of drive from Tok was on a nice new highway. The rest of it was “crap”, according to Jim, until we reached Destruction Bay. Many wash board, graveled sections with many, many pot holes. Any paved stretches were like riding on a roller coaster owing to all the frost heaves. Certainly no danger of falling asleep at the wheel here. We crossed back into Canada at Beaver Creek. We found it interesting that the border between Alaska and Yukon, Canada is actually 20 miles further north than the Customs and Immigration checkpoint in Beaver Creek. Guess the federal government is trying to save money. Don’t think I have ever seen a check point not right at the border.

We stopped at the visitor centre in Burwash Landing to brew a quick cup of coffee. The girls went to look for a wood carving shop mentioned in the Mile Post magazine we have been using as a guide for this trip, but the lady in the visitor centre said the wood shop closed down almost 2 years ago.

World’s Biggest Gold Pan, Burwash Landing, Yukon

The road improved dramatically once we got to Destruction Bay and the drive around Lake Kluane was fabulous. They are building a new bridge at the south end of the lake and have put in at least 2 new large pull out areas suitable for RVs. We thought about overnighting there but wanted to have a short drive into Haines tomorrow, so we kept going into Haines Junction. We fuelled up at the Shell station which had the most expensive fuel in town but they also offered us a place to park for the night if we wanted. The girls sweet talked the lady in the Visitor Centre just around the corner and we were allowed stay on their level, paved parking lot for the night.

Phaeton Place in Haines Junction, Yukon

We discovered Village Bakery and Deli across the street from the Visitor Centre where we picked up a few treats and took advantage of their free wifi to check email and update the blog. Surprise, surprise, now that we are back in Canada, Chris has excellent cell phone coverage on her Telus smartphone.

The tag axle oil leak on our phaeton hasn’t gotten any worse, so we may not have to get repairs done in Whitehorse. Time will tell if we can make it to Vancouver for our first planned service and have the oil leak looked after at the same time. On to Haines in the morning.