Valdez to Tok, Alaska

We left Valdez on a rainy morning with low clouds shrouding many of the mountain tops. The girls Made one last stop at a gift shop they missed in the downtown area but didn’t find anything we haven’t all seen before at all the other gift shops. Then it was on the road to Tok. Our first stop was at Keystone Falls on the way through Keystone Canyon. This was a staged shot but I think it turned out quite well. We had already driven Richardson Highway from Glenallen to Valdez. In retrospect, we should have stopped for a shot of Worthington Glacier under a clear, blue sky on the way in. Instead, we had to settle for this shot taken from a pull out north of the glacier but under a grey sky.

Horsetail Falls, Valdez, AK

I decided to try and make it all the way into Tok on half a tank of fuel. The low fuel light came on with about 1/8 of a tank remaining and another 50 miles to go, so we had to stop at a small lodge in the middle of nowhere for $40 worth of diesel, for which we paid $3.859/gallon. I think that is the highest US$ price we have paid for fuel on this trip.

Worthington Glacier

We rolled into Tok around 5:30 pm and filled up at the Chevron. Their fuel was higher the highest in Tok but they let you dry camp in back of their lot with a fill up, so we thought why not. We walked down to Fast Eddy’s and back for supper, instead of cooking for ourselves. Then the girls beat the boys at canasta. I think that is win #3 for them so far on this trip. Hmmmm….I wonder if the sun will come up tomorrow morning now……

On to Haines in the morning.