Filey, North Yorkshire

We’ve been having a great stay in Filey which is about 6 miles south of Scarborough right on the North Sea.  The cliffs along the sea front are absolutely amazing and we are out every morning for a run or walk to the caravan park overlooking Filey Brigg.
St Oswald’s 12th Century Church

I am having some problems uploading pictures from my cell phone on to  the Filey library computers.  Things are a little antiquated here which is okay.  The best I can do is link to some other pictures of this area I found on the internet for readers to see until I find a way around my upload dilemma.  Apologies.

Filey Brigg

You can click on the title of this entry to see more about Filey on their tourism web page.

Regarding other news……today is Datastorm internet satellite installation day on our motorhome at Cultus Lake, BC.  Our pals, Jim and Jane, will be overseeing the installation by Armand of Techmcw later today. Hopefully all goes well and we will have internet and Bell ExpressVu operating by the end of the day.

Talk about tough……a new techy toy on our motorhome later today and we are in England for another 2 weeks and therefore unable to play with it!  I feel like a proud new parent.  Enjoy it Jim and Jane!