Full Timing Chores

We’ve been enjoying some very nice weather during our first week at Cultus Lake which means both coaches are looking pretty shiny and clean. Today though, it is raining this morning.

This is actually the first time frame since I picked up the coach at Lazydays back in May that Chris and I have had time to rearrange our storage bays and cupboards. I did the switch over from our Bounder by myself while Chris was still back up in Ottawa and then it was pretty well straight back to Ottawa where we were mainly preoccupied sorting things out in the cave for two short weeks before hitting the road for Alaska.

We spent half a day alone here cleaning Alaska grime and dust from the inside of our storage bay doors and compartments. Alaska dust (silt) is very fine and it got into some places despite the weather seals on the door. Not too bad though. Then another half day emptying all our storage bays and rearranging it exactly the way we wanted it. Most of our things in the storage bays are now stored in clear plastic bins so contents are more easily seen and the bins can be moved in and out of storage. We even managed to move some of our lesser used items from inside to the underneath storage trays. Our phaeton has two pull thru storage bays. One bay came with a sliding pull out tray and I had a second tray installed in the other bay before leaving Lazydays. The trays take up little space and they certainly make it easier getting things in and out of the bays.

I spoke with Norm, the head ranger at Cultus Lake regarding storage for PP while we are in England later this month. Apparently, TT Cultus Lake empties out after the Labor Day weekend, so storage won’t be a problem. We can have a site with power for $140 which I thought was quite reasonable. Jim and Jane will be checking on PP while we are away anyway, so hopefully things go well and PP is not too much trouble for them. Norm will also provide me with an extension ladder to use when installing our Datastorm internet satellite next week. Only 6 more days…….:)

I also finally managed to install the plastic tracking for our MCD Innovations wheel covers that we got with our coach. Another item done on the honey do list. I saw these covers on a few other coaches in Florida last winter and thought they looked quite slick, so I had Lazydays include a set as part of the deal. I have to let the tracking cure for 24 hours before putting the covers on but will post a picture when all the covers are on.

Chris and Jane have been walking in the mornings and I have tried out the pool during adult swim. Hoping to get a run in later this morning if the weather cooperates a little. We won another canasta match the other night. It was a hard fought, come from behind victory. Last night, after supper at Jim and Jane’s, we tempted fate yet again with another match………..well the girls had to win another game sooner or later. I think that is four games they have won in the last two months…..but we’ll allow them their moment in the sun.