Vancouver Sightseeing

It has been a busy few days since here in Cultus Lake.

Chris on Capilano Suspension Bridge

First, our Datastorm installation set for Sep 9th, fell through at the last minute!  Armand from Techmcw emailed me on Sep 8th saying he had canceled his flight to Vancouver and the installation of our dish because he received a request from the federal government to install a bunch of iCoaches on their election buses.  Guess the feds are more important clients than we are.  Needless to say we were not amused!  The box containing the Datastorm is here at Thousand Trails but we have no one to install it. 
Lions Gate Bridge from Stanley Park Overpass
We had a lazy day around the park on Thursday.  We went for a nice morning run down the road to Lindell Beach and then packed up the motorhome for an early evening drive into First Truck where we spent the night and had Phaeton Place serviced the following day.  Boy, we were ever glad we drove in the night before!  Morning rush hour traffic on Hwy 1 on Friday morning was nuts!  I remember it as bad when I lived down here in 1991 but that was nothing compared to now.  Thankfully traffic moved albeit slowly.
English Bay from Prospect Point

Chris and I drove into Vancouver while PP was in the shop and spent the day visiting Capilano Suspension Bridge, Stanley Park and Granville Island Public Market.  The weather was gorgeous.  At $29.95 per person, we first thought Capilano was very pricey to get into but once inside we realized it was much more than just a suspension bridge across Lynn Canyon.  They have done a marvelous job developing eco tours, boardwalks, fish ponds and even boardwalks suspended high in the trees which give amazing views of the area.  Chris loved our drive around Stanley Park.  Would have loved to cycle the sea wall too but we just didn’t have the time.  We did stop for a few pictures on the way around and an ice cream at Prospect Point.  
False Creek
The highlight of the day though was Granville Island Market.  Every possible kind of food you could imagine and right at the base of Granville bridge on False Creek.    

Public Market Flowers and Baked Goods
We got back to First Truck around 4 pm but had to wait for another 2 hours for them to fix the air horn.  Apparently, the horn wiring had lost it’s ground connection and that is why it did not work.  All is well now.  They fixed the oil leak on our tag axle and the air horn under warranty.  Our first service came to just over $500.  Surprisingly, even after all the dust on Top of the World Highway, we did not need a new air filter.
We arrived back at Cultus Lake just after dark which made for a tricky setup in the park.  We also moved over to site 138.  A little more open and we now have satellite TV.  Hoping we can remain on this site while in England.  Leaving for Penticton in the Vue on Monday.