Datastorm Roof Mount Satellite

As you can tell from the above photograph, our Datastorm satellite sits nicely on the roof  at Phaeton Place.  We purchased from Armand at Techmcw in Lindsay, Ontario and despite a few glitches in getting the installation done, things appear to going quite well.  It is mounted on the right side of the roof immediately behind the front a/c unit and in front of the ceiling vent.  We opted for  the G74 dish with the Bell ExpressVu  HD bird on a wire, 2 watt transmitter, HN7000S Hughes modem and a Cradlepoint MBR1000 wifi router.  We went with the MBR1000 because it will also accept our Verizon USB720 modem if need be and still allow us to have wifi in and around our motor home.  It took a little doing to set up the MBR1000.  Initially,  I could only get a local connection, no internet, when I connected both laptops to the router, but then I found  the MBR1000 requires a further password to be entered on the Cradlepoint web site for each computer in order to gain internet access.  Works like a charm now, although our first day using the satellite, our download speed was throttled back because we exceeded our daily limit.  Darn Vista updates!  Have to watch those.  The BEV HD BOW works very well and brings in an excellent picture.  The nice thing though is that we now have a full listing of both HD and non HD channels on our TV screen because the BOW can track both Bell 82 and 91 satellites.  Our Kingdome can only track one satellite at a time and we have to manually switch from 82 to 91 if we wanted to watch some channels.  Kind of a pain.  Kingdome is working on a fix for that though, but last I heard from them is that they have no idea when it will be ready.
A little last minute shopping, banking and medical lab appointments today before we enter the USA tomorrow.  We are planning to gas up at the Flying J in Chilliwack and then hook up with Jim and Jane around 10 am for the run across the border to Birch Bay.