Where we are in Google Earth


Well, yesterday was interesting indeed.  As previously reported, I had spent most of our first day at TT La Conner trying to find a site that gave me an internet connection with our new Datastorm G-74 roof mounted satellite dish.  Try as I might though, I just couldn’t get the dish to lock on.  A telephone call to Armand at TechMCW was in order and after a little tweaking, we were soon online.  Our dish uses GPS coordinates to tell it exactly where it is and then looks for the satellite based on those coordinates.  Takes about 5-10 minutes.  The Datastorm User Forum is a very useful place to learn more about the system and to ask questions.  There are also several bits of useful software available for free download.  One program, DSMapSubmit, even lets users export their exact location, based on the satellite’s GPS coordinates, into Google Earth.  The red satellite icon in the above photo shows exactly where we are.  Our actual GPS coordinates are listed in the bottom left corner under the photo.  You can also see several other Datastorm owners currently in the same area.   Pretty cool if you are into gadgets!Open-mouthed


Thursday morning was dry enough for me to get a run in around the preserve.  The park map shows once around the roads inside the park is 1.5 miles.  I did a couple of loops but just had to stop and check out the scenery on occasion.  The park is right on the shores of Skagit Bay and even with grey skies and rain, the scenery really is quite remarkable. 


I drove into Mt Vernon for a little shopping after lunch and picked up a few groceries at Safeway.  I also picked up a collapsible, 7 ft, “A” frame ladder for the motorhome at Camping World and a 1TB Free Agent portable hard drive from Best Buy.  These drives are great for data and photo storage and all without an external power supply.  They draw their power from my laptop via the USB 2.0 connection and are great value for money.


Jim and Jane dropped by later on for coffee and to use the internet.  They had driven into La Conner for a little exploring and liked what they saw.  Another fine supper at their place afterwards.


I’ve been experiencing one technical glitch with the DVD-RW drive on my Toshiba laptop.  For some reason, it just won’t see and execute the auto run files on several CDs.  Its like it is only seeing pdf and photo files.  And I know the CDs are fine, because they work fine on other laptops.  DVD-RW drivers are all in proper working order too.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the DVD-RW drivers but so far nothing.  This has me wondering if perhaps the drive needs to be replaced.  Time to do a little more exploring for a solution on the internet.