Phaeton Place Winter 2009-2010 Route

Here is our planned route, courtesy of Google Maps, as far as Verde Valley, Arizona which we won’t reach until sometime in February. We plan to follow Hwy 101 down the west coast for quite a distance and staying in Thousand Trail parks as much as we can for 4 days at a time with some longer stretches thrown in for good measure as well.

Chris is back in Nova Scotia for a up to month looking after aging parents with health problems.  If all goes to plan, she will meet up with me in Portland, OR in mid November while Phaeton Place is either at TT Seaside or TT Whalers Rest.

I managed to get out for a nice 30 minute run between rain showers this afternoon.  Ran into Blaine and back.  I just had to try out my new Asic Gel Kayano 15 runners.  Been wearing Kayanos for over 10 years now and I love them.  Still hovering around 61F/16C today which is nice even if it is raining.
We’ve jigged our itineraries around a bit while sitting here in the rain.  We are off to Mount Vernon tomorrow for 3 days and then on to La Conner for 4 days…………..

Datastorm satellite not working in TT Birch Bay because of the trees.  However, our Verizon USB 720 works very well and thanks to our Cradlepoint MBR1000 router hot spot, Jim and Jane have wifi internet access as well.  Saves them from walking to the family center in the rain at least.

I almost forgot……I ran Chris up to Abbotsford International Airport yesterday morning for her 6:30 am flight to Halifax.  We went up through the Sumas border crossing without incident and I came back the same way.  You won’t believe what happened.  Yep, I got stopped again and the sirens went off telling them they had a bad guy trying to get into the USA.  This time I pulled out my badge and asked to speak with the senior agent.  I don’t do that very often, but enough is enough.  After explaining things for the third time in the last few days, he just smiled and promised to look after it personally.  Now they have PP and our Vue cross referenced to my passport, so there is no way I should be mistaken for bad Mark Jones again.  Besides, that guy is black, 40 years old and only 5’5″!  Just to be sure they scanned my passport again after the modifications and lo and behold… more sirens!! Yippee!!!  Good to go……until I cross the border again.  You just know this isn’t the end of this story.  Strangely, so do I. 

Lasagna for supper tonight at Chez Rankin!!  Woohoo!! 

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