Return to Canada

We flew back to Canada on Oct 9th.  The Thomas Cook return flight to Calgary was only about two thirds full so things weren’t as cramped on board as they can be sometimes.  The return flight was 2 hours longer though than the flight to England…..just under 9 hours which was getting a bit long for me.  We walked around a fair bit on board so that helped keep the circulation going.  We left Manchester on time in 12C weather and arrived on schedule in Calgary to -8C with a bit of snow blowing around.  Bit of a change in temperature but we managed none the less.

Chris’s brother and his wife met us at the airport with our mail from Ontario and also gave us a ride over to our hotel.  We stayed at the Airport Travelodge coming and going.  We left our Saturn at the hotel for free instead of being charged the usual $3/night, so we thought that was pretty good.  Sarah and Matt came down from Leduc and joined us all for supper at Boston Pizza.  We turned in early though because we had to drive to Kamloops on Saturday.

Saturday morning, we were up early to hit a few stores in Calgary.  We picked up a rice cooker for the motorhome at Walmart and I bought some new runners at Sports Chek.  We also stopped at Edelweiss Imports to grab some lunch and german food staples we like to have with us.  Definitely worth a look if you are ever in Calgary.

We were on the road west by noon.  Skies were pretty much overcast until we entered BC and then we had bright sunshine all the way into Kamloops.  We were both still a bit jet lagged, so we grabbed a motel on Hwy 1 west in Kamloops for the night.  Left bright and early on Sunday morning for a short 3 hour drive down the Coquihalla, Hwy 5, into Cultus Lake.  Very little traffic and we hit -16C at the top of the mountain pass.

Phaeton Place looked pretty good and almost exactly as we left her, except for the Datastorm internet satellite on the roof.  We had both overlooked the fact that this was Thanksgiving holiday weekend in Canada, so TT Cultus Lake was fairly busy.  We got busy unpacking right away and Chris started laundry while I hooked up water and sewer.  Jim and Jane popped by around noon for a bit to say hi and we gave them a few goodies from across the pond.  Can’t do without Fry’s Turkish Delight, Lyle’s Golden Syrup and some duty free gin.  It was great to see them both again and discuss our plans for the winter.  We also learned, as many of you who read their blog regularly have done already, that they have decided to return to England for good in the spring.  Definitely very sad news to hear but we both fully support and understand their decision.  I suppose our trip down the west coast this winter will just have to be extra special.

I played around with the new satellite dish last night.  It works well but I’m having trouble getting the Cradlepoint MBR1000 wifi router to connect to the internet.  Internet via a LAN cable from the router works well but for some reason the wifi feature isn’t connecting to the internet…..local only.  If anyone has any suggestions on what might be wrong and how to fix it…..I’m all ears.

Present plans are for both motorhomes to cross into the USA at Peace Portal on Wednesday, Oct 14th and to then head for TT Birch Bay for 4 days.