TT Birch Bay

Interesting experience at Peace Arch border crossing.  Jim and Jane blew right through but we had the same trouble we had going into Haines, Alaska in August.  Guess there is another Mark Jones in the USA but this one of questionable character and a wanted person.  It was amusing to see all the commotion when they thought they had collared a real criminal.  Border guards hiding behind cement pillars…all keeping an eye on little old me…:) We had to go inside and clear things up which took about 30 minutes but were promised this will end any future hold ups at the border and I would no longer be mistaken for a baddie!  We shall see.  It made for an interesting experience anyway.  Arrived safely in Birch Bay for 4 days.  Poured rain this morning in Cultus Lake but the sun is shining here in Birch Bay.  Time for a trip to Costco in Bellingham.  Hoping to do a little exploring tomorrow.