TT Whalers Rest

We awoke to more rain at Long Beach.  Nothing like breaking camp in the rain, but it went smoothly and we were on the road south by 9:30 am.  The electrical connection from PP to our Saturn has been giving us grief.  We have a Blue OX setup with a 4 to 7 pin adapter on the connector from the Saturn into the plug in on PP.  For some reason, I just can’t find a good adapter plug that functions well in the rain.  Most of my rear lights on the Saturn work when connected, but for the last few weeks the left rear taillight/brake light on the Saturn will not come on.  It works fine when not plugged in to the motorhome, just not when connected to PP.  I’m pretty sure it is the cheaply made 4 to 7 pin adapter plug.  I’ve replaced one before at a Canadian Tire while we were in Whitehorse this summer and thought that had cured the problem, but apparently not.  At almost $30 each, replacing it gets tired real fast.  Fortunately, I fixed the old one and kept it as a spare.  I’ll switch them over while at Whalers Rest.
The Drive south into Oregon on Hwy 101 was very scenic from what little we could see.  It was warm, comparatively speaking, almost 60F, but that made for some low clouds and fog for most of our 150 mile journey.  It poured rain almost the whole way, but at no time did we feel like we were pushing our luck.  The highway was in excellent shape for the most part and we just toodled along.  I saw two cyclists leaving one of the state parks as we went by.  Both on individual bikes towing small trailers.  Obviously, they were tenting and that brought back fond memories of the tandem trip Chris and I took along the St Lawrence river several years ago. Tenting today though didn’t seem like such a great idea.  Think I like the motorhome better.  But I digress….
We did manage to stop at one  viewpoint for a photograph.
Eagle eye Jane lived up to her name again on our way through Lincoln City, Oregon.  We both could have used some diesel and prices seemed to be around $2.92/gallon at most of the places we had seen so far.  Jane spotted a Quik Mart selling it for $2.76/gallon, so in we both went for a fill.  We chatted with the attendant and learned that today’s weather is pretty much standard fare over the winter months.  This region may see snow three or four times a year, but no more than a few inches and it usually only lasts for a few days.
We arrived in Newport, OR in late afternoon and checked in at Whalers Rest.  There are two areas to the park.  The park is located on 123rd St which runs east off Hwy 101.  There is one area north of 123 St and one area of the park south of 123 St.  We were directed to the north side if we wanted to use our satellite.  Check in was very efficient and we were given a list of events and activities happening over Halloween weekend.  We saw the pickleball courts which we soaked of course, but hopefully we can play tomorrow.  The pool and hot tub are both working.  Turned out, we couldn’t get any satellite reception in the site they suggested but I noticed a Montana 5er near us is listed as leaving in the morning, so perhaps I’ll slide in there.  That site appears to be a little more open.
Tried the internet using our Verizon USB modem but reception is spotty even with the amplifier.  Could be because of the weather.  It is still raining…….Sad