Berryessa Trails and Conversation

20091112-IMG_9897 20091112-IMG_9900

Today was spent around the Canyon Creek area.  We checked out a few of the hiking trails around the Monticello Dam.  Homestead Trail was a moderate hike of about 3 miles return, up the canyon to the remnants of an old homestead.  You can see Markley Cove marina in the top photo and if you look closely in the photo on the right, your can see our Vue parked in the distance on Hwy 128.

We tried doing the Blue Ridge Trail loop as well, but without a proper map of the area, we were a little hesitant to keep going further into the bush.  Instead, we doubled back to the parking lot on the the same trail.  Once back at 20091112-IMG_9909the beginning, we found the Blue Ridge trail head a few hundred yards further west on Hwy 128.  We plan to give that a go tomorrow morning before heading into Napa in the afternoon.

We arrived back at PP a little tired but thoroughly pleased with our 3 hour adventure.  The rest of the afternoon was spent sitting in the sun reading.  Still a little cooler than we like, but definitely nice to feel the warmth of the sun.

I also contacted Paul Evert RV Country in Fresno today and had them reschedule our warranty appointment to first thing Monday morning, Nov 16th.  We are due out of Canyon Creek on Sunday anyway, so we’ll spend the night in their lot and be ready to go first thing Monday.  It made more sense to go right to Paul Evert instead of checking into TT Morgan Hill for only a few days and then going to Paul Evert.