Cabazon XXVIII Indio Powwow

The highlight for today was attending the above Powwow at Fantasy Springs Casino, just down the road on I-10E from TT Palm Springs.  We were fortunate enough to arrive in time to see the grand entry just after 1 pm.  The dancers and costumes were absolutely amazing to see.  Such vivid colors in the costumes and skills exhibited by the dancers.  I managed to get down on to the main dance floor and took a lot of pictures.  There are 13 photos in the album.  You will only see five photos in the collage below.  Please click on “View Full Album” to see all photos.  For those of you who like technical information.  All photos were shot with available light using a Canon 5D Mark 2 with Canon 70-200mm, f2.8 lens and ISO of 6400.    
This morning, Rick and Linda, had a mini pickleball tournament here at TT Palm Springs.  Chris and I played well enough individually to both win a 1st place ribbon which included a coupon for a free date shake here at the preserve.  The dates are even grown right here on the preserve. The format was similar to what we have seen Stan and Sally use in Florida in the past.  All players draw a playing card.  Some players will get a by, depending on the card drawn.  We had enough players for one division.  Men and women all playing against each other.  It was a lot of fun.