Canyon Creek Resort, Winters, CA


Well, yesterday was certainly an experience.  I have to admit it was a little strange watching Jim and Jane, Allan and Trudy hit the road for Morgan Hill while I remained behind for one more day.  But the weather was much improved, so I started my day with a run along Geysers Rd in front of TT Russian River.  I got back just in time to say goodbye as they were pulling out.  In the afternoon, I drove south down Hwy 101 to Healdsburg, CA to pick up a few groceries at Safeway and to enjoy a coffee and newspaper at Starbucks.  I stuck to the back roads on my return trip and was struck by just how many vineyards are in this area.  Hwy 128 is absolutely littered with vineyards, some quite big and others rather small. 


Sunday, I packed up and hit the road myself around 9:30 am.  South on Hwy 101 to Hwy 37 East near Novato, over to I-80 at Vallejo and then north on I-505 into Winters, CA.  I had thought of taking the more direct Hwy 128 route across the mountains to Winters, but wasn’t sure how well suited it would be for a large motorhome and toad.  I encountered some construction on Hwy 101 but traffic, while busy, moved along quite well.  I must comment on several California motorists though.  Just how difficult can it be for a merging motorist to put down the cell phone and glance over his or her left shoulder to see a 60 plus foot RV or semi trailer in the slow lane of the freeway?  For two people at least, it is apparently quite difficult.  Twice, I had to lean on the air horn and slam on the brakes to stop being hit while these goofs gabbed on their phones, instead of turning their heads to carefully merge into busy traffic.  There are windows in the doors of vehicles for a reason people!  Turn your heads and look, instead of yakking.  There……, I’m done.Whew


We are at Canyon Creek Resort for a week using our ROD membership affiliation.  The park is in a canyon, right on Putah Creek, about 12 miles west of Winters on Hwy 128.  I managed to get a full hook up site across the highway from Putah Creek.  There are also lots of nice sites near the river but all without sewer, unfortunately.  There is even another MH here from Ontario. The park is in a dead zone as far as cell phone reception goes though.  No reception at all, even with an amplifier and external antenna.  Thankfully, our datastorm is working well.  It took some tweaking to get online, but I finally figured it out, and all by myself too!


Tomorrow, is chores day for me.  Laundry, vacuum, etc.  Got to have PP all in order for Chris’s arrival in Sacramento on Tuesday.