Fresno, CA

 20091114-IMG_0020 20091114-IMG_0001

We hit the road from Canyon Creek Resort for Fresno, CA around 10:15 am.  It was a beautiful day as we followed I-505 and I-80 to Hwy 113 and 12 to Lodi, where we stopped for a bit of lunch after we fuelled up at Flying J.  We also topped up our propane tank and then I called England to wish my mother a happy 80th birthday.  She had been fielding phone calls from all over Europe and North America and was finally sitting down to enjoy a cup of tea when I called.  Thems the hazards of reaching a milestone birthday!

We headed south for a short while on I-5 before cutting over to Hwy 99 and on into Fresno, arriving at 4:30 pm.  We easily found Paul Evert’s RV Country south of Fresno and parked there for the night.  We checked in at service and were shown to a 50 amp paved site with water too.  All set up with our Datastorm functioning properly, so time for a little internet and then maybe a movie.


Oh yeah, the ducks were photographed on Putah Creek Saturday afternoon before the sun slid behind the hills.