Mushrooms and Sightseeing

I went for a nice run along Patrick’s Point Drive in front of the Emerald Forest this morning.  It was still cool in the shadows of the tall trees lining the road, but nice and warm wherever the sun was already peeking through the trees.  The forecast was for cooler temps today and more wet beginning tomorrow.  I walked around the trails inside the campground to cool off and was amazed by the huge mushrooms popping up under the trees.  So back to the motorhome to grab my camera and flash.  Here are a couple of shots I like.  I have no idea what type of mushrooms they are.

20091104-IMG_9808 20091104-IMG_9806

In the afternoon, we popped into Trinidad to explore the shoreline and also Trinidad State Beach.  We saw people strolling on the beach at the bottom of the hillside but couldn’t figure out how to get down there, so a picture will just have to do.


We hit the road for the Thousand Trails Russian River preserve in Cloverdale, CA in the morning.  Depending on the weather, we may take the coast road or just keep going on Hwy 101.  Laundry is all done and holding tanks are empty because there doesn’t appear to be sewer connections at Russian River.

Only five more sleepsDrooling

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  1. E Squared and Mui May 13, 2010 at 12:29 pm #

    The mushroom in the first photograph is a "Coprinus Comatus (Shaggy Mane)" — I had an opportunity to photograph them on the way to Maligne Lake last year.

    Enjoying your Phaeton Place blog; if all goes well, we'll be the proud owners of one next week. Unfortunately, we have to wait a few more years to become full-timers … but hope springs eternal.