Port Orford, Oregon

Driving in sunshine!! What a treat!  We left Whalers Rest at 9:30 and arrived in Port Orford, OR around 3 pm, a distance of about 160 miles.  Road conditions were excellent and we stopped several times on the way down to see the sights and also have a bit of lunch near Coos Bay.


Devil’s Churn near Waldport, Oregon

On the technical side of things, last night before leaving, I removed both fittings from either end of the electrical cable running between the motorhome and our Vue, in an effort to determine why my left taillight/brakelight on the Vue is not working when connected to the motorhome.  Much to my surprise, I found 2 wires disconnected within the plug connector itself and thought I had successfully determined the root of the problem.  I refitted the wires and put things back together, ready for this morning’s departure.  I hooked up as usual and plugged in the Vue……still no left side taillight/brakelight.  Very weird, but then while driving today, it struck me.  Our old Bounder Diesel had the same problem and it turned out to be a blown mini fuse in one of the outside storage compartments.  After our arrival in Port Orford, I checked it out and sure enough, in the right rear storage bay fuse panel, I found a blown 7.5 amp mini fuse.  A quick replacement and check of the lights and…….drum roll please………IT WORKSOpen-mouthed!


We checked into our Enjoy America campground in Port Orford.  I was a little hesitant at first as we pulled into an old, very small campground in a residential neighbourhood just east of Hwy 101, but with Jim’s directions,  I managed to wiggle PP around a couple of tight 90 degree turns into a nice pull thru site.  We both set up quickly and then went for a drive to see the sites before it got dark.


Port Orford, Oregon coastline

We learned that Port Orford is the western most point in the continental USA.  It is an open water port with no harbour, that experiences vicious storms in January and February each year with waves regularly topping 100 feet and winds in excess of 100 mph.  In fact, there are people who come to this campground just to watch and experience these storms.  Jim and I thought we would pass on that one.  


We are here for one night only and move on to Trinidad, California in the morning.