TT Morgan Hill


Phaeton Place (Bottom right corner of map)

We spent the last two nights at Paul Evert RV Country in Fresno having a few warranty items repaired on Phaeton Place.  Unfortunately, we did not get as many items repaired as we had  hoped, but we were able to determine that our Sharp microwave needs to be replaced.  It takes anywhere from 10-40 minutes to preheat to 425F and Paul Evert’s at least determined that something was very wrong. We had a list of 12, mostly small, items for them to examine.  We learned that new parts would have to be ordered for some things, and that could take up to two weeks!  Quite obviously, we aren’t staying in the Fresno area for two weeks.  Instead, our file at Tiffin has been updated and we’ll visit the factory early in the new year to have repairs properly completed.  Neither of us were overly impressed with Paul Evert’s RV Country.  Basically, we drove 100 miles out of our way to have 2 bay doors realigned slightly, the central vacuum plate re-glued to the wall and a wall lamp glass tightened.  The microwave and tank venting problems still remain, unfortunately.

The best part about our time in Fresno was our seeing the new movie 2012.  For those of you who enjoy disaster movies, this one has a plausible story line and great special effects. An afternoon well spent.  We finally hit the road shortly after noon today and arrived in Morgan Hill around 3:30 pm.  Lots of space available, so we grabbed a site in area G.

Tomorrow, we are hoping to take the train into San Francisco for the day.  If all goes well, we’ll only spend 2-3 nights here before moving on to San Benito.

Just a note on Bell ExpressVu satellite TV.  The other day, we lost channel 82, the HD channel, because we are too far south now to pick it up, but the digital standard channel 91 comes in very well and we have not lost any of the standard channels.  So it appears that Sacramento is the cut off point for HD channel 82.

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  1. SeeDickRun November 21, 2009 at 12:28 pm #

    back to san fran? hope you enjoy.