TT Palm Springs

Monday, we were up around 7 am as usual and looking to depart TT Soledad Canyon about 9 am.  After a quick bite for breakfast, we started to pack up to hit the road.  I was outside doing my usual chores, repacking bays, disconnecting water, sewer, electric, etc.  Chris had started the motorhome and was pulling in the four slide outs, when she called me over and asked me if I wanted the good news or the bad news first.  I forget what the good news was now, but the bad news was that our driver side bedroom slide would not come in.  In fact, it wouldn’t even budge.
I went about looking for fuses, as I suspected that to be the cause.  Couldn’t find any fuses for the slide outs in any of the usual places that fuses tend to be found on PP.  Chris broke out the manuals and Jim also gave us a hand trying to sort it out.  Jim and I both thought it had to be something simple, as there isn’t a whole lot that can go wrong on a slide.  I called Tiffin and left a message with their service people and also called HWH who make the jacks and slide motors on our coach.  HWH could not offer any useful suggestions on what might be wrong and suggested a manual retraction.  We could always do that as a last resort, but once the slide is cranked in manually, the only way to fix it is to take it in for service.
Jim and I persevered and removed a driver’s side panel in the storage area under our bed.  I could see the slide motor and began poking about the wiring harnesses with a flash light.  Suddenly, there it was!  One of the two wires coming out of the slide motor was laying there plain as day with the end not connected to anything.  Seems the in and out action of retracting and extending the slide had made the wire work itself out of a crimped connection to the slide out controller switch.  I reinserted the wire, crimped it up with a set of pliers and voila……driver side bedroom slide was functioning normally again.  Like Jim says, its usually something simple……
Tongue out
After a cup of coffee with Jim and Jane and our goodbyes, we were on our way to Palm Springs.  We followed Pearblossom HIghway out  of Palmdale over to I-10E and were at TT Palm Springs by 2:30 pm.  This is our first time here and the campground is right on I-10E, very near Washington Street in La Quinta.  Dennis & Barb, Bob & Julie and Brian & Judy were all there waiting to greet us.  We managed to get a nice 30 amp site across Dennis & Barb, site 152.  Lots of people here from Peace River. Temps in the high 70Fs low 80Fs under clear blue sky.
In our photos, you can see some of the huge wind turbines we drove past on the way into San Bernadino, our site under all the palm trees and the entrance to TT Palm Springs.  We are here until Dec 13th and played pickleball this morning on some public courts on the other side of I-10.  There are two courts here at the park but you play one game and then sit for about 15 minutes before your next game, so the eight of us went across the highway and had a great time.  We’ll try the courts here at the park tomorrow morning.
One maintenance note.  I called Red Bay this morning and managed to change our factory appointment from Feb 22 to April 5, 2010.  That will work out much better for us as we can stop in at Red Bay on the way back north to Ontario.