Birds at TT Wilderness Lakes

We had a great day yesterday.  Little pickleball in the morning to start with as usual, followed by some lunch and then a run out for some gas for the Vue and a few bits.  We found a Super Target just down the road which had a pretty good fresh produce section and a Starbucks nearby as well.

Once we got back to the campground, I packed up a few things outside and then we both grabbed our cameras and had a walk around the canals of Wilderness Lakes.  There are quite a few birds here.  Lots of ducks, geese and moor hens but we also saw a Great Blue Heron, a Snowy Egret, a Great Egret and at least 3 Black –crowned Night Herons.  They all seemed to congregate near one site, so we stopped by to check it out.  The lady there has a father who works at the local soup kitchen.  Once the kitchen’s bread is stale, she takes it all to feed the birds here at the park.  There were boxes of it and the birds needed to be fed, so we grabbed a loaf and started feeding them.  We got some great pictures.  All the birds enjoyed the bread except the Great Blue Heron, who would not take any.  About ten minutes into the feeding, a gaggle of geese arrived.  It was so funny.  They came waddling around the corner, honking away, like a gang of bullies and bullied their way right up to us, just to ensure they got bread.  We threw it as fast as we could before deciding enough was enough.  They were getting just a little too close for comfort.  I’ve added a few photos above.  I invite you to please leave a comment if you enjoy the photos or to click on the Star rating bar under this post, to indicate how much you liked the photos.  Kind of a little survey.

We can hear shotguns going off this morning.  There is a big pond between the park and the cattle station, so I suspect the duck hunters are out.  We are off to TT Pio Pico later this morning until the New Year.  Have decided to give I-15 a go until we get near San Diego.   

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    Great Pictures