Christmas at Pio Pico

Christmas at Pio Pico was a quiet affair for us. We opened our gifts and had a lazy morning. Jim and Jane popped by with some gifts they had been storing for us. Santa left me a hummingbird feeder under the tree. I’ve been trying to get some good pictures of these fast little birds at our neighbour’s feeder but haven’t been very lucky so far, since the weather has cooled off a bit. Now I have my own feeder to hang out. We all had a good chuckle when Chris opened one of the gifts that had been stored at Jane’s. You guessed it, we now have two hummingbird feeders!
Christmas dinner was outside at our place. We pushed two picnic tables together to seat all our guests. Jim and Jane, Bob and Julie, Julie’s dad and two friends from Michigan. It was warm enough to eat outside but cooled off quickly once the sun went down. Of course, there was way too much food and it was all very yummy.

Saturday, we got back to playing pickleball….. well all of us except Jane, who decided to have a lie in .(English term for being too lazy to get out of bed) :) A little shopping in the afternoon and then back home where Chris and I spent the afternoon doing some photoshop lessons online.

Bob and Julie’s company left, so the 6 of us got together at our place for some leftovers and then tried some 6 handed canasta. Bob and Julie are just learning the game and it would appear that Julie has picked it up quite well. Jim and I are still working with Bob…..just kidding!

We’ve decided to extend at Pio Pico until Jan 3rd instead of leaving for TT Palm Springs on the 1st. That will still give us almost two weeks there before moving on to Quartzite on Jan 14th.