Inside at TT Palm Springs


 Alaska Fireweed Wilderness

20090717-Denali_Panorama copyChris surveying Denali Park 


Girls at Beading Table
We’ve had a busy last few days here at TT Palm Springs.  The whole gang went out for a Mexican food supper on Thursday night and then took in the street vendors set up in downtown Palm Springs.  Chris and Jane both found some nice wooden bowls made from cedar burls.  Ours looks great on the counter full of fresh tomatoes.
Friday morning, Jim, Jane, Chris and I went across I-10 to play pickleball in the morning.  The two courts here are seeing over 30 players in the mornings which makes for a long morning with not too many matches being played.  We met three other guys over there, also from surrounding parks.  Jim and I managed to sneak in as a fourth player with them.  These guys are very good players and we enjoyed the friendly competition.  They generally play three days a week and have invited us back to play again.
Saturday, the bottom dropped out of the thermometer.  The whole day was cloudy and quite chilly, relatively speaking.  Temps got into the 60sF, but only just.  The ladies set up a table at the craft sale in the adult lodge in the morning.   Note their jackets in the above photos.  Later on, we enjoyed a great pot luck supper outside at Bob and Julie’s, all huddled up in long pants, sweaters and jackets.  Ribs, Coronation Chicken, salad, key lime pie and Barb’s crock pot dessert.  Far too much to eat, but it was all very yummy, so we just had to do our best.  Bob and Julie left for Catalina Spa and RV Resort this morning.  Barb and Dennis will head there tomorrow morning.  Jim and Jane don’t go there until Dec 15th. We are here until Dec 13th and then head for TT Wilderness Lakes for a week before spending Christmas at TT Pio Pico near San Diego with Jim and Jane, Bob and Julie.
I spent Saturday morning working on some photographs in Photoshop CS4.  I am trying out Topaz’s new Photoshop Bundle which is available at quite a discount for this weekend only.  The two Alaska photos above perked up nicely using Topaz Adjust.  I used Topaz Mask 2 on the picture of Buddy.