Mission Bay, San Diego, CA


Sunday was a quiet day around Pio Pico.  Only Ed, Sandra, Chris and I to play pickleball in the morning.  We had some good games and it was nice to play without sitting for too long.  Ed and Sandra invited us along for a bike ride around the Mission Bay beach area of San Diego after lunch.  I got our bikes all tuned up and ready to go.  Bob and Julie were just arriving at noon as we pulled away from the main gate, so we said hi and let them know which site we were in.  We toodled along the bike path of Mission Bay, enjoying the scenery for a couple of hours.  Saw quite a few beach volleyball games going.  Not too many people on the beach as it was a little cool, but there were quite a few surfers in the bay.


We parked in the public lot across from Belmont Park where there is an old wooden rollercoaster.  We both passed on riding it, both of us remembering the sore necks we had after riding the wooden rollercoaster at Busch Gardens in Tampa last winter.  Not too much traffic on the roads being Sunday, so we popped into a Starbucks on the way home.


Weather forecast is calling for a cooler stretch for the next few days with temps barely in the 60sF.  Certainly better than the snow storms  that went up the eastern seaboard over the weekend.