Ocean Beach

Another day of sightseeing today after some morning pickleball.  Al and Trudy invited everyone over to see Ocean Beach, so after a bit of lunch, we were off.  Jim and Jane were busy helping Al and Trudy with some painting at their daughter’s new house in Ocean Beach, while we hopped in with Bob and Julie for the drive over.  Ocean Beach is definitely a surfing and beach town.  We walked the long pier out over the ocean and saw lots of surfers in the water.  Plenty of fishermen on the pier which in turn attracted a number of brown pelicans.  The pelicans sat on the pier railing and let us walk right up to them for photographs.  Actually, I think the pelicans were just hanging around waiting for some treats from the guys fishing.       
 20091229-IMG_163720091229-IMG_1670  20091229-IMG_1678 20091229-IMG_1681
After a walk out on the pier, it was on to Hodad’s, seen in the picture above.  Hodad’s is without a doubt the best burger place we have ever visited.  I can personally vouch for their bacon double cheese burger basket.  Jim and Chris had one too.  The burger was so big, it was tough to get a good bite without wearing it.  Awesome!  As you would expect, Hodad’s is a very popular restaurant.  We waited in line for about 45 minutes before being seated.  The inside is decorated in a surfing theme with hundreds of licence plates hanging on the walls and surf boards from the ceiling.  Another fun day. Big Grin