Pio Pico Hills

We’ve had a busy few days since arriving at Pio Pico.  We spent our first night in a very narrow and uneven site.  Chris got up the next morning, and while out on her power walk around the campground, came up with a new site for us that was being vacated by an Allegro Bus.  We played a few games of pickleball before packing up and switching sites at 1 pm.  The rangers had no problem with our moving, provided we let them know our new site number.  In any event, we have a large, flat site that is plenty big for Phaeton Place.


Pio Pico has two pickleball courts.  We are using the one in the south side park because apparently the court in the north side park is not lined properly.  There are not too many people playing here right now, only 5-6 people, but more are coming.  Bob and Julie should be here tomorrow, while Jim and Jane will arrive on Tuesday.  The adult pool is closed for the season, but the family pool is still open.  A nice 25 meter pool that is just a little too busy for lap swimming until after the weekend. 


We are enjoying walking the gravel and dirt roads in the surrounding hills.  Yesterday, we went for a short 40 minute walk just to scope the area.  There are lots of border patrol vehicles in and out of the park throughout the day.  This morning, we went for a 2 hour hike with backpacks, poles and cameras.  The shot above was taken from one of the highest hills overlooking the park.  You can see Phaeton Place in the bottom, middle of the photograph.  What you can’t see is the border patrol surveillance camper truck that was sitting next to me when I took this photo.  They have a view of the entire valley, all the roads are patrolled regularly and the hills are littered with motion detectors, so getting past them is almost impossible in my estimation.