TT Pio Pico


No pickleball for us this morning at TT Wilderness Lakes.  Instead, we were packing up and heading for TT Pio Pico near San Diego for a couple of weeks over the holiday period.  We were on the road shortly after 10 am, heading south on I-215/15.  Traffic was fairly light but picked up some when we got close to San Diego.  I-15 is getting quite a facelift around San Diego. We turned east on CA-52, CA-125, and then onto Hwy 94 east to Jamul.  We missed one right turn as we approached Jamul, but our GPS got us back to Otay Lake Rd and we were soon pulling into the ranger station around 1 pm.


This is our first time at TT Pio Pico.  Friends at TT Wilderness Lakes this morning, told us we would be better to stay there instead.  Apparently, Pio Pico has gone down hill in recent years, but we like to make up our minds, so here we are.  The park is divided into two parks.  North park (no sewers) on one side of Otay Lake Road and South park (full hook ups) on the other side of Otay Lake Road.  We opted for full hook ups but were hard pressed to find a big enough site that was level and also had properly functioning electrical power.  Apparently, there were 10 vacant full hook up sites available when we arrived, but we could only find half a dozen as we drove around.  Finally, there was a late departing rig and we snapped up that site immediately.  The pool and pickleball courts look pretty good and there is a fully stocked country store on site as well.


Looking forward to our stay and for the rest of the gang to arrive next week.