Coachella Valley Preserve

Chris and I have started each day here so far with an early morning walk around the park before a light breakfast and then some pickleball. This morning a few of us drove over to a public park near Thousand Trails that has some great pickleball courts. A little less congested than the ones here at TT Palm Springs.


Chris along upper ridge toward Pushwalla at Coachella Valley Preserve

We headed off to Coachella Valley Preserve after lunch for a little hiking and photography. We were out here before Christmas and enjoyed it so much, a second trip was warranted. It is located only a short distance from TT Palm Springs on Thousand Palms Canyon Road. The entrance can be seen in the top center of the photo, behind the dirt knoll at the palm tree oasis. No luck on finding any critters but the scenery was nice. Miles and miles of desert in every direction…..almost like one great big gravel pit.

After Coachella, we headed west towards Desert Hot Springs and Hwy 62, where we watched the sun slowly sink behind the hundreds of wind turbines. I was hoping for a little more color in the sky as the sun disappeared but this is as good as it got.


Tomorrow, we are planning on washing the motorhome if all goes well.