Coffee Machine Woes

Let’s just say that we have had more than our fair share of trouble with coffee machines used in Phaeton Place. When we bought our 2009 42 QRH Phaeton from Lazydays in May 2009, we just simply brought over the Mr Coffee, counter top machine from our old Bounder Diesel. It worked fine until we tried using it on inverter (battery power) in our Phaeton. Worked fine in the Bounder on inverter, but not the Phaeton. Our old Bounder had a Magnum inverter, whereas our Phaeton has a Xantrex 3000W modified sine wave inverter. Apparently, there are two types of inverters, modified sine wave and pure sine wave inverters. For some reason the modified sign wave inverter can cause problems with “sensitive” electronics. I would hardly classify a coffee machine in the category of “sensitive” electronics, but so be it. It is what it is.

Since May 2009 we have gone through 2 Mr Coffees and a 5 day old, Cuisinart, that actually gave up the ghost this morning. All experienced problems with the heating element and/or clock timer. Coffee wasn’t staying hot or the clock timer would go all wonky when on inverter. We lost the last Mr Coffee a week ago when leaving TT Palm Springs for Quartzsite. It actually blew up on us, leaving a sooty footprint on our kitchen counter that thankfully cleaned up very easily and left no damage. Costco took it back with no questions and we picked up a new, more expensive Cuisinart model for our stay in Quartzsite. We only used the Cuisinart on generator power in Quartzsite and it worked fine. This morning here in Las Vegas while on regular power (mains), it stopped brewing half way through its cycle and gave us cold coffee.At wits end So is it the inverter or just lousy coffee machines?


Keurig, B70 Platinum

While in Quartzsite, we were introduced to the Keurig, B70 Platinum by our friends, Bob and Tiz. The coffee was excellent and apparently there are many different blends of coffee, tea and hot chocolate available. So this morning, we boxed up the Cuisinart and took it back to Costco. Again, no questions asked. Fry’s Electronics here in Las Vegas, had a Keurig B70 and it now adorns our kitchen counter behind the sink. Coffee and hot chocolate that we have sampled so far are excellent! We won’t be trying it on inverter any time soon though. I expect we’ll be having a long conversation with Tiffin about our inverter, among other things, when we visit the factory in Red Bay in early April. Our problems with coffee machines has us wondering if perhaps we have a bad inverter, especially given that our Sharp Carousel microwave is in need of replacement as well. Perhaps the inverter messed up our microwave too. Time will tell.


  1. Mark and Chris January 24, 2010 at 7:33 pm #

    Thanks Randy and Pam. We have the residential fridge but am pretty sure our inverter is 3000W modified sine not pure sine. Something to bring up at RB in April. Right now we only use our new Keurig on power or generator, never inverter.

  2. Randy and Pam Warner January 23, 2010 at 2:13 pm #

    Could be your converter. We were told that when we get a 3000w pure sine wave converter (for a residential refrigerator) it will solve our problems with burning up digital appliances (two coffee pots and a ceramic heater.)