Leaving On a Jet Plane

Another busy day Thursday…..Lindsay’s last one in Las Vegas.

 20100127-DSC07564 20100127-DSC07565

Just a few places left on our list of places to see.  Back to MGM to see the lions habitat.  Then a little more shopping at Miracle Mile where Lindsay did her grandmother proud….picking up some more nice things at very low prices.  Thankfully she managed to get everything packed into her luggage too.  We spent some time walking the strip and also checked out Planet Hollywood, the Luxor and Excalibur.  If anyone is in Las Vegas and looking for great Chinese food, please check out PF Chang’s China Bistro at Planet Hollywood.  Superb and very reasonable prices.  I am not much of a drinker but after all that shopping, a guy deserves a nice beer.  First time I have ever seen plastic beer bottles.  Pretty sure they are all still glass in Canada.  What a great idea!  No more broken beer bottles  littering the streets.

20100127-DSC07573 20100128-DSC07578 

We got Lindsay to the airport in lots of time for her red eye flight back to Toronto and got ourselves back to Phaeton Place just in time to fall into bed….exhausted.  Lots of shopping and sightseeing this past week.  Time for a rest!


Looks like my new camera will be arriving in the next week.  I managed to touch base with another Canon user who received two EOS 1D mark IVs by mistake from B+H Photo.  He has generously offered the second one to me at his cost.  Hoping the deal will be done in a next day or two so I can have the camera shipped to TT Verde Valley in Cottonwood, AZ where we will spend the next two weeks.


Looking forward to hitting the road in the morning.