Quartzsite, Arizona

We’ve had a busy stay in Quartzsite so far.  After doing the rock and gem show on Friday, we were back at the main tent early Saturday morning for the first day of the RV show.  Lots of vendors both inside and outside the main tent.  Lots of people too, so it was slow going inside the tent.  I managed to find some more Dri Wash for phaeton place.  It’s a waterless cleaner that is basically spray on, wipe off.  We think it works quite well on both our motorhome and Vue.  Chris found some kitchen gadgets we needed and also a set of 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton, king size bed sheets.  We did lunch at the RV show too.  We tried turkey legs in Florida a year or so ago and loved them, so we just had to have them here when we saw this BBQ shack.


After the RV show, it was back to our plot of desert land for a little snooze before our community supper.  The Route 66 Allegros contributed BBQ tri tips and brisket to the supper and everyone else brought great dishes too.  There was certainly no shortage of food.  We had a final total of 38 rigs all parked here in the desert and no one went away hungry.


One of the first couples we met here were Bob and Tiz.  They are fulltimers and also have a 42 Phaeton QRH.  They invited us into their coach for coffee our first night here and showed us some of the custom renovations they had done by Chris Berry and Brannon Hutcheson of Red Bay.  Chris does excellent wood work and Brannon of Custom RV Inc does all sorts of after market installations.  Brannon arrived here with his trailer late Friday night and has been busy working on coaches since Saturday morning.   I asked Brannon if he could do any Tiffin warranty work for us this morning but he said no.  We have a list of warranty items for Tiffin to take care of but it will have to wait until we are in Red Bay in early April.  I did manage to repair one of locks on the door covering our outside TV with the help of another Tiffin owner.  Gary had a set of deep enough sockets so I could tighten the lock nut at the back of the lock.  The door latches properly now. 



Bob and Tiziana manning their BBQ