Quartzsite, AZ

We left Palm Desert just before noon yesterday for the short drive to Quartzsite, AZ. Before leaving, Chris made one last run to Stater Bros for a few groceries while I busied myself putting things away and getting PP ready to hit the road. Another typical hit the road kind of day, except that our new Mr. Coffee machine blew up. Our old one had given up the ghost a few days previous, so we had bought a new one at Costco earlier this week. It worked fine while plugged in to power at our site. However, when packing up I had to disconnect from power. As usual, I flipped off the 50 amp breaker at the power pedestal before unplugging from the pedestal and properly stowing our power cable back in its bay. When I went back in the coach I could smell something electrical, almost a burning smell, but couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Then I noticed the digital clock on our new Mr Coffee was not working. I moved it out from its place on our counter and saw a little soot pattern on the counter top. Nothing serious, but enough to make one wonder. Once Chris got back with groceries, we decided to make a quick run back to Costco and return the now useless Mr Coffee machine. Costco took it back, no questions asked and we wound up buying a more expensive Cuisinart machine instead. Since arriving in Quartzsite and unpacking the new Cuisinart coffee machine, we have found that it will only function if the generator is on. Apparently, it doesn’t like inverter power. Some of the Tiffin group have related similar problems with coffee machines over the years. Many believe the problem may be related to the differences between a modifed sine and a pure sine inverter. I’m not sure what all that exactly means but we now have something else to add to the list for our visit to the Tiffin factory in Red Bay, Alabama in April. All I know is that our coffee machine functioned very well on inverter our normal power in our old Bounder Diesel.


We are set up on BLM land on Hwy 95, about 2 miles south of Quartzsite in an area known as La Posa South. I estimate there are at least 25 – 30 Tiffin motorhomes here right now and more coming tonight and tomorrow. The group is very knowledgeable and freely offer advice when asked. It cost us $40 for a 14 day permit to camp here. There are literally motorhomes everywhere here. We checked out the rock and gem show this morning and must have walked at least 4 miles. Chris found a nice Salt of the Earth lamp which now adorns the side board by our dining room table. We came back early this afternoon for a snooze before going to the Meet and Greet. Bob & Tiziana Ruff, frequent contributors on Tiffin RV Network forum, invited us in to try a coffee from their Keurig coffee machine and we are hooked. No muss, no fuss and no wasted coffee either. It does coffee, tea and hot chocolate and 4 different cups sizes as well. Something to order once we are done here in Quartzsite.

Weather was great today. Sunny and 72F with more of the same tomorrow. The RV show starts tomorrow, so we’ll be back under the tent first thing tomorrow morning.