San Bernadino National Forest

Our time in Palm Desert is coming to a close. We are off to Quartzsite, AZ on Thursday for 5 days and then heading up to Las Vegas, NV for about 10 days after that. We’ll be camping with a bunch of other Tiffin owners in Quartzsite. Arrangements have yet to be finalized but it is looking like we may have more than 20 rigs dry camping together in the desert. Chris and I have both heard lots about Quartzsite and are really looking forward to the experience. It will also be our longest boondocking experience thus far and should be a great test for our solar panels.


Cahuilla Tewanet View Point

Today was our last morning of pickleball. While at the courts, we both also said our goodbyes to Dennis & Barb who headed for Desert Pools this morning. Barb is feeling much better following her brief stay in hospital and looks fantastic. We aren’t sure when we will see them again but it likely won’t be until the spring of 2011 after we leave Florida.


Joshua Tree National Park Rock Formations

After a bit of lunch, we hopped in the car and headed up Hwy 74 into the mountains. Basically, we went south on Hwy 74 out of Palm Desert and then picked up Hwy 243 which took us back north and west through Idyllwild to Banning and the I-10. The drive through San Bernadino National Forest was awesome. Very scenic with some great views from the vista points. Unfortunately though, it was pretty hazy so that didn’t make for the best photos.


A Joshua Tree

Tomorrow is our last in California for 2010. Weather permitting, we will drive back over to Salton Sea for some more wildlife photography. I’ve added two other photos from our visit to Joshua Tree the other day. Hope you like them.