The Living Desert


Cactus Garden at Living Desert

Yesterday was a day off from pickleball.  After all, we can’t play every day!  But we did play again this morning, while the water in the park was off.  That’s right, the water was shut off for the entire park, half of Tuesday, all day Wednesday and most of today.  Seems like a repair job on the pipes done yesterday did not set properly, and it had to be redone today.  Thankfully, we did have enough water in the tank for showers after pickleball though. Rolling Eyes

After lunch, we took a run up to The Living Desert Zoo & Botanical Gardens on Portola Ave in Palm Desert.  Our friends, Brian & Judy, raved about it, so we just had to have a look.  We got there around 2 pm and the park closed at 5 PM.  We definitely could have used more time to see everything.  The desert flora was absolutely amazing.  We never dreamed there were so many different species of cacti.  Living Desert has many wild animals and birds on display.  The habitats are quite spacious for the most part and they have done a great job making the enclosures as photography friendly as possible.  A few had course wire mesh making it difficult to focus on the animal at times, but most times the mesh was fine enough that I could just focus past it.  We saw giraffes, ostrich, cheetahs, mexican wolf, caracal, hook birds, bob cats, snakes, all sorts of birds and much more.  There is also a butterfly and hummingbird garden which is an extra $2 admission.  Entry fee for us was $12.50 each or $25.  An annual membership is also available at significant savings if you live in the area or are wintering here.  We were blown away by the outdoor model train display.  Certainly larger than the Marklin train set I had as a boy.  I’ve added a few photos above from the photo album.  Feel free to click on the album link if you want to see the rest of the photographs.  


We also had a windshield chip repaired on the motorhome.  They were supposed to come by tomorrow morning, but I guess they were in the park today on another call.  Anyway, they stopped by unannounced and we went ahead with the repair.  We thought $50 was fair.  Can’t even tell a repair was made.