Hiking in Sedona

We started off today with a hike into Boynton Canyon on the edge of Sedona. Weather was iffy at best but we wanted to get out, despite rain in the forecast. We hiked Vista Trail first and then hiked into Boynton Canyon. Now here’s the thing….we didn’t know much about Boynton Canyon trail except that it was about 5 miles round trip. We ran into a fair bit of rain on the way in, but the rain stopped for our hike back to the car. People had told us about a balance rock and petroglyph writings in the canyon, but we never found them and neither did other people hiking the trail today. The canyon narrowed substantially the farther we went, so much so that there was even snow on the ground because the sun rarely reached the ground in those areas. Nonetheless, the hike was very scenic and we enjoyed the exercise.

We returned to Wildflower Bread Company in Sedona for a late lunch and then drove back out to Oak Creek to see Bell Rock again. Then it was back to the vista viewpoint near the airport where we hiked up to the top of the knoll and set up our cameras and tripods, awaiting this evening’s sunset. Generally each evening, the setting sun lights up the sides of the mountains surrounding Sedona. However these past few days, the sun hasn’t been out much. Lots of rain and clouds to block out what little sunshine we have seen.

The above photos were all taken with a tripod using my Canon EOS 1D mk IV. Three exposures of each frame at EV settings of -2,0,+2. Frames were complied using Photomatix Pro . I am happy with some shots and not so happy with others, but hey…..it’s a learning experience and that is what makes it fun, and keeps me coming back ;)

We are both looking forward to our trip on the Verde Canyon Railroad Wilderness Train tomorrow afternoon. The forecast is for sunshine….finally! Right now though, it is bedtime! We are both pooped.