Jerome, AZ

We started today by driving in to Sedona to pick up Chris’s niece, Megan, who is in town for a week long training seminar. On the way into Sedona, Chris and I were absolutely blown away by the stunning beauty of the surrounding mountains, one of which you can see here. And the place is positively littered with photographic opportunities. Looks like we will be busy with the cameras while in this area.

After a quick stop at Starbucks, we set off for our day trip to Jerome. Jerome is an old mining town, just outside Cottonwood, which boasted quite a profitable copper mine in the early 1900s. The mine area itself is now a ghost town and a great tourist attraction. There are many old buildings and antique vehicles to see. Admission is only $5 and entry into the ghost town is gained through the general store. We had a great wander around the old mine site.

There was still snow laying on the ground in places as can be seen in some of our photos. We also learned that the red clay sticks like you know what to a blanket! Walking from the parking lot, it wasn’t long before I was 1/2″ taller than usual, but with a little effort it came off in the snow. Note the large can of Loggers, Spotted Owl Soup.
After touring the ghost town, we drove back down the hill into the town of Jerome itself. We saw many galleries and restaurants strolling about town. And thanks to our friends, Brian & Julie, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Haunted Hamburger. Fabulous food at very reasonable prices. It must be a popular spot too because the line to get in was out the door. After about a 15 minute wait, we took a seat at the bar and enjoyed great bacon & cheese burgers and a chicken quesadilla. If ever in Jerome, check out the Haunted Hamburger.

We spent some time in Sedona after dropping Megan off at her hotel and stocked up with pamphlets from the visitor center. Tomorrow, we are going to tour a spa resort in Sedona.

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