Jerome, Part Deux

Boy, did it ever rain last night. All night long too! And most of this morning as well! We had scheduled today as a down day and managed to get a few chores done this morning before the rain stopped. One thing I had been meaning to do for some time, I successfully rerouted the cabling from our Wii so that it is now properly hidden behind the cupboards near the front TV. Much cleaner looking. Another idea we picked up while at the Tiffin RV Network get together in Quartzsite last month.

We headed back up to Jerome this afternoon to do a little more exploring. Not quite so many people about, likely because of the weather, but we saw some fabulous scenery as we looked out over Verde Valley. Lots of storms on the horizon as you can see here.

Homemade pizza for supper tonight. Chris used her new bread maker to make the dough and it was very yummy.

Tomorrow morning, Chris is going in to explore some of the shops in Sedona while I am meeting a local photographer friend of mine for a little tour of the area.